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Every day holds seemingly inconsequential moments, details that make up our lives and our identities.

Wander among these moments through my pen and paper (okay, and screen).



My Story

Who am I and why should you care? I suppose the short answer is no one really, and that is the point. There is nothing crazy impressive about me. I am definitely an everyday, average woman. I could tell you the basic details: Family (husband, no kids), Pets (two dogs and two cats), Education (BA in English, BEd in ELA Ed), Location (the freaking awesome Canadian Rockies), Interests (reading, writing, crafting, baking, photography, movie-watching, and so on), Day Job (high school English teacher).

But, as I try to point out in my writing, all of that is both a part of me and decidedly not all of me. It is interesting that a person is both the sum of her parts, but also not only a sum of her parts.

I have spent much my life lost in stories, whether between the pages of book or of my own imagination. I mainly write realistic fiction and personal narratives, but there are few genres in which I won't dabble.

I am inspired by the world around me. I love to travel, but also influenced by my own little bubble, my husband, my pets, my students, and the incredible place I call home.

So, that's me. Have a look around, contact me, and don't forget to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

Old Study
Old Study
Author pic
Author pic

The Girl With The Empty Suitcase

Available November 2017

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my third book, currently in progress.

To Air The Laundry

Available May 2019